When defining what to do is hard

Defining what you want to do and setting goals

What are the goals of your heart, what do you really want to do and how do you want to do it. It’s easy to want something and find yourself going after other things to reach the end gal but moving away from the dream of your heart.  Defining what we want is key and setting goals to attain it will help us much more than trying to go after the result but changing our dream along the way.

So the question to you is what do you want? Write it down.

What are you willing to sacrifice so it is done?

What excuses are you ready stop making?

 The secret of producing great work is underlying the issues that will present it self but being relentless to stay the course.

Write want beliefs, mindsets are stopping you from defining it and setting goals for it.  Do you want it as much as God wants it for you? Sometimes we think we want to achieve something but really it is God working in us to want it and strengthen us to attain it. He will also allow us make mistakes along the way, go after what gives a form of satisfaction but brings us back to the path he has for us because he cares.

Defining what you need to do, how you need to do , commit it to God.

Set goals – daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals to attain it. Set a goal that covers any delay and life circumstances because it can happen.


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