When defining what to do is hard

Defining what you want to do and setting goals What are the goals of your heart, what do you really want to do and how do you want to do it. It’s easy to want something and find yourself going after other things to reach the end gal but moving away from the dream ofContinue reading “When defining what to do is hard”

Planning with your Partner

Planning with your Partner is for every kingdom woman that is married, engaged, or waiting to know her King. We dive into the heart of the matter in planning with our partner and having their support. Not a lot is said about this but we talk about it here because it’s needed. 5 ways toContinue reading “Planning with your Partner”

How to Plan When Your Prophetic

You are prophetic , you have the spirit of God in you. And the ability to see, hear, get downloads from God has you sometimes overwhelmed in how to live it out. This episode dives into it more to assist you in planning with the prophetic ability in you. Joel 2:28-32 shares the promise and manifestationContinue reading “How to Plan When Your Prophetic”

How to watch over your worth

Have you wanted to keep your worth in check? Has your heart been full of different things chucking your worth? Your want to know how to watch over your worth that God placed within you. Your ready to learn how it can grow. Listen to purpose positioning episode and download to maintain the worth placedContinue reading “How to watch over your worth”

Your authentic life is in hidden in Christ

He came to give us an authentic life. Because of what Jesus Christ did for us , we can be washed by the reading of his word and become new. Our sins and past he bore for us!  For a life of Freedom.  This weekend has so much abundance and opportunity to allow God to awaken HisContinue reading “Your authentic life is in hidden in Christ”

It’s in your handbag: Ways to utilise what you have

In the recent months God has been opening my eyes to see the resources I need to achieve purpose and my home life successfully are in and around me.  There have been times I am looking for something and find it in one of my handbags. Because as ladies we have many for different occasionsContinue reading “It’s in your handbag: Ways to utilise what you have”

How to keep pursuing Passionately

In last weeks post we talked about pursuing purpose rather than posing. And as promised this topic is about pursuing passionately. I will share afew nuggets and continue next week. But get stuck in…. You are in a race with other wonderful women. Some may be following God’s plan and some may be doing whatContinue reading “How to keep pursuing Passionately”

Do not give in to resistance, unwrap your purpose!

WE are in the middle of February and all the goals you have set for your vision may seem impossible. While you’re trying to balance work, family and life you want to get closer to reaching your goals this year. I know you have promised yourself that 2018 will not be like 2017. And youContinue reading “Do not give in to resistance, unwrap your purpose!”

How to stop blocking your own blessings and thrive

…. have you thought about this? Why some women fight each other and themselves! The scary thing is that it is even within the christian community as well. It’s quite frightening honestly! I don’t see any fights! You may say. But the fight I am talking about is not physical but mentkal and a battleContinue reading “How to stop blocking your own blessings and thrive”