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ABOUT the Podcast

Lady with Heart empowers and equips women with a heart to be more, do more and excel inside out in their God given dream. Created to support everyday women overcome hurdles, hardship and hurts with aim on helping heart heals , so we can achieve higher. You get both inspired and innovative topics to help propel you forward as a working woman, wife, mother and millennial! Podcast arm of Ladies Heart Academy LTD.

A little about THE Host & Founder

Sarah Utsaghan is the founder of Ladies Heart Academy LTD. Her heart beat is to support working women, mothers and millennials on their journey of developing God given purpose, potential, purpose and power. She believes it’s not only about how hard you work but how you work your heart and excel in Life & Christ.
She is a mother, minster and marketplace diva with a soft spot for mindset makeovers. She is a natural and qualified Creator, Certified Life Coach and is studying MSC Psychology and Neuroscience of mental health. Serving in different capacities creatively, with this being one of her fav! She is also co founder of Glory of Freedom, based in Uk. She’ll Love to have you onboard, so subscribe in bio to get the latest goodies, guest opportunities, podcasts and coaching programs.

I can hear your heart beat for purpose….. Walk with power

LWH podcast soundtrack is inspired by a beat and rhythm of achieving more, the soundtrack empowers every listener to walk with power towards their goals and dreams. It is a sound of hearts being awakened to do more and be more fearlessly.

It gets good too! Indulge in Weekly Wellness & Wisdom workouts…

When you listen to our PODCAST. Empower your whole woman with topics to RENEW YOUR MIND and NURTURE YOUR HEART for your mission, while combining the joys of heart and hard work needed to be all God created you to be.

What People Say

Powerful words and anointed woman of God!

– Pursue God

Your voice calming and refreshing like water.

– Swati


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Get ready to walk towards AND enjoy what you have been dreaming of.

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