Propel your purpose and plan with productivity.

Propel your purpose and plan with productivity.

Our mission is to help creative women of faith be strengthened spiritually, mentally and emotionally, to be and do more of their God given vision by planning and creating with unique strategy. 

To help maintain wellbeing by planning and being practical with their dreams and business as creative christians.

The planner fit for purpose

Lady with Heart 52 Week Planner: Plan your vision, ideas, work and dreams with Weekly plans, mindset detox, content creation, self study strategy, financial goals for productivity.

Sarah captures a special strategy to planning the year around your dreams and desires by setting the dates according to your calendar. For Ladies who need a planner that gives the opportunity to pause and plan for the weeks ahead while enjoying other commitments. You have a heart for taking action on your vision, plan, idea’s with a healthy pace. In 52 weeks build consistency with a 9 week cycle plan , including personal and purposeful development strategies to remain clear, courageous and confident in your pursuits. With a section to set financial goals including investing to giving, the planner helps the owner enjoy the process of putting in both the heart and hard work into their dreams. 

Our planner comes in both paperback and hardcover available in UK & USA on amazon.

Podcast episodes that shift & support

  • 3 things God wants to shift in you

    We talk about how going ahead doesn’t serve us but God has something to say when you dont’t feel he is there or don’t know what to do. I’ll be talking about the three things God wants you to shift, so first off, let’s read John 21 from verse 3 to 6. 3 “I’m going out…

  • Shifting your mission

    This episode dives into meaning & mindset for shifting your mission Shifting your mission is first identifying what mission means to you and aligning to the shift you require in sharing your message and mandate.

  • Keep Going with God

    An encouragement to keep going with God and what he placed in your heart to do.

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The Creator & Host

Sarah Utsaghan is a Author, Strategist, Mission & Mind Coach

Sarah is on a mission to help christian creatives plan and produce. Whilst maintaining their wellbeing to work well effectively.

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