When defining what to do is hard

Defining what you want to do and setting goals What are the goals of your heart, what do you really want to do and how do you want to do it. It’s easy to want something and find yourself going after other things to reach the end gal but moving away from the dream ofContinue reading “When defining what to do is hard”

Planning with your Partner

Planning with your Partner is for every kingdom woman that is married, engaged, or waiting to know her King. We dive into the heart of the matter in planning with our partner and having their support. Not a lot is said about this but we talk about it here because it’s needed. 5 ways toContinue reading “Planning with your Partner”

How to Plan When Your Prophetic

You are prophetic , you have the spirit of God in you. And the ability to see, hear, get downloads from God has you sometimes overwhelmed in how to live it out. This episode dives into it more to assist you in planning with the prophetic ability in you. Joel 2:28-32 shares the promise and manifestationContinue reading “How to Plan When Your Prophetic”

How to watch over your worth

Have you wanted to keep your worth in check? Has your heart been full of different things chucking your worth? Your want to know how to watch over your worth that God placed within you. Your ready to learn how it can grow. Listen to purpose positioning episode and download to maintain the worth placedContinue reading “How to watch over your worth”

Building a Belief & Birth System

The importance of understanding what you believe is what you will birth. Committing yourself to the process of attaining your God given dream and building your belief system is key. While acknowledging who you believe (God, self etc) and the identity contributes positively or negatively to your system. There are so much more life shiftingContinue reading “Building a Belief & Birth System”

Walking with clarity in 8 steps

Walking with clarity in 8 steps provides the nourishment your mind and mission needs to walk boldly , whether your taking a new step in purpose , developing potential or moving to the next level. These 8 steps challenge you in having clarity and courage as you walk daily! #claritysession #claritycoach #coachingtips #beauthentic Subscribe toContinue reading “Walking with clarity in 8 steps”

Overcome waiting and enjoy the process

Get moving, motivated and build momentum. Make every moment count when discovering and fulfilling your God given potential rather than waiting around feeling demotivated. Are you feeling like everything is taking too long, getting too tough and unsure if your born to do what you want to do? Listen to 5 keys to overcome waitingContinue reading “Overcome waiting and enjoy the process”

It’s Personal Survey

It’s time to take purpose personally So we can help you take purpose more personally please fill this 5 min survey CLICK HERE thank you. Awaken your authenticity. We can not be authentic on our own, it takes two to tango! With social media and life circumstances we can easily get comfortable and assume we areContinue reading “It’s Personal Survey”