Planning with your Partner

Planning with your Partner is for every kingdom woman that is married, engaged, or waiting to know her King. We dive into the heart of the matter in planning with our partner and having their support. Not a lot is said about this but we talk about it here because it’s needed.

5 ways to plan with him

  • 1st acknowledge God is the giver of your plans and ideas. This isn’t a one man show
  • Identify eah other strengths and weakness
  • Always update eah other on the proses , have a time frame , review it
  • Pray with him regarding the plans
  • Talk about your worries and work ethi

5 ways to plan with his support

  • Let him know what you want to do without depending on him
  • Let hime be your aountabiltity partner first
  • Ask his input without fear of being questioned too muh
  • Just ask him to support you and where you want the support
  • Ask him to step in with his strengths

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