Do not give in to resistance, unwrap your purpose!

Hey Lady,

WE are in the middle of February and all the goals you have set for your vision may seem impossible. While you’re trying to balance work, family and life you want to get closer to reaching your goals this year.

I know you have promised yourself that 2018 will not be like 2017. And you have a lot of time to change things around and refocus on your purpose.

Don’t you hate it when you want to take bigger steps forward, it feels like there is resistance all around you? The mean response is that you do not give in to it. Stay focused and unwrap your gifts, abilities and talents.

Three ways to unwrap your purpose in the midst of resistance and uncertainty:

  1. Tackle the feeling and words straight away. Never allow yourself to ponder on phrases and actions that can keep you in your tracks.
  2. Say your goals loud and clear. Write them down and speak it.
  3. Once you have made your conscious decision to commit to your purpose and vision. Partner with God, along the way.

 Excelling in your worth and skills this year is key, to continue living daily in your purpose grab your copy of Unwrap your Purpose Playbook

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newproject_1_original-18The Unwrap your Purpose topic has been described as a life changing series from women around the world. Noted as a go to read for daily encouragement with action steps in walking in purpose no matter the personal circumstances.

‘ Wow I just finished reading!! This post spoke to me. I have been feeling very lost lately concerning my purpose and it spoke to me and inspired me to focus on God so that He can lead me to His plans for me. ‘

‘The videos add a remarkable effect to the message, great job ‘

Unwrap your Purpose Playbook includes:
– Simplifying your process
– First call of action
– Faith verses Fear: choose what wins
– Holding God’s promise for your purpose

– Video links in each chapter
PLUS the opportunity to book a Free 30 minute coaching session.

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 As you continue to advance in your season you will not want to miss out on purchasing your copy at the current price.Hey Lady, (5)

Excel in Life,


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