No.1 goal to jot in journal

Fearless goals!

As I asked myself this question and reached for my journal and flooded the sheets with different aspects of my life that are in need of more  fearless actions. My pen challenged my heart and exposed some things I overlooked as a fearless goal. You see when you write down your fearless goals you will realise that there are some things you avoid saying out loud that you can write out. Once written you can boldly speak life over it. 

I encourage you to get a journal and write down your ‘fearless goals’ .

Why write it? 
One reason to write it causes you to know what God can do. Those that know their God can do the impossible, will do exploits.
Also, Your exploits are hidden in your fearless goals. 

 So…  Rather than writing
‘ I don’t want to be afraid of…’
‘ To be fearless in…’
Focus on the outcome of being fearless rather than the fears. 

Is there a goal you don’t want to write? I pray for peace and a new belief system to fear less in Jesus name. Amen 

I would love to hear from you where you regarding facing that one goal you have avoided for a month or years! 

Excel in Life & Christ, 



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