1 Peter3:3-4


1 Peter 3:3-4 says it all ladies. This is what its all about. the heart, because a character and heart that is beautiful will not need to try and empress anyone or look for attention but attention, honour and respect will flood you. Aspiring always for my heart and looks to flow together not against each other. I know some people may not be all about make up etc. so my question to you is, are you putting all that beauty work in your heart with the word of God??

gentle/meek & quiet spirit.

Gentle: not aggressive, calm in handling things, humble: thinks of themselves less

Quiet : still, undisturbed, undisturbing, peaceable

We can walk in this because His grace is sufficient. Amen

Published by Lady with Heart

Sarah is a minister, creator, and coach empowering ladies after God's heart, to excel in faith and life.

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