10 reasons to start that venture and step out

Hey Lady, I will keep it short because the rest of the month will have posts on this area. I know you may ask yourself this question ‘Why should I step out?’, ‘is it really important?’ , because I have, especially when there is a new venture to tackle. My mind tells me why IContinue reading “10 reasons to start that venture and step out”

Taking care of your Skin: Facial Radiance

As women we always want to look our best, even if its going to the corner shop. If you have to wear makeup to the corner shop then I think there is a problem. Peel off the layers and work on your skin. I personally love to use organic products on my face and IContinue reading “Taking care of your Skin: Facial Radiance”

When Mothers Prophesy

It’s been on my heart for awhile, and while we are busy working,  making, travelling and whatever else we do. Our children come first, we ponder on our experiences and desire that they have greater ones, we feel the pains and scares and want them to be whole. Imagining the future, the paths they willContinue reading “When Mothers Prophesy”