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Ladies with Heart Podcast for the everyday christian woman pursuing a whole and humble life. With enriched topics by Sarah Utsaghan the founder and guests to empower you in your personal and purpose development in becoming all God has created you to be.

Overcome Waiting and enjoy the process #01

Get moving, motivated and build momentum. Make every moment count when discovering and fulfilling your God given potential rather than waiting around feeling demotivated. Are you feeling like everything is taking too long, getting too tough and unsure if your born to do what you want to do?

Listen to 5 keys to overcome waiting around, enjoy the process, take action and walk in your lane.

Keep believing and speak life with my book ‘Believe & Birth empowering quotes’ to enrich your purpose and process. Available on AMAZON UK 🇬🇧 link below,


Maternity & Me : Encouragement for ladies in Mat-Vile #aclaritylifestyle

It’s time to serve mother and millennial mothers. What is not openly said is that Maternity is till their 3!

Listen into Maternity & Me : home truths and encouragement for ladies on the Mat-vile journey!

This is for you if , you fit in one of these categories :

1. Unsure what maternity period entails due to hearing others negative experiences. Or unsure of what it involves and what it could mean for your lifestyle and work ethic.

2. Starting or in maternity

3. Concluding your mat leave

4. Child is 1 year plus

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How to be Coachable #aclaritylifestyle

It is true that not everyone can be coached, life can make us feel we need certain people or nobody to help us! That’s wrong !! In this episode we unmask the lies and go in for the home run, helping you be a more coach able lady! Tell your friend to tell her friend!

Being coach-able is a quality a lot of people neglect. It is not about how much you have to pay a coach but a mindset and heart for growing and being all you have been created to be. How to be coach-able, will challenge you and get you thinking and changing to make each moment count.

If you would like personal strategy, accountability and support in taking action in your pursuits book a 1:1 Vision & Clarity session below

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Awakening the Fearless nature within with Triumph Guobadia

This episode is set to bless you, it will really awaken a new heart in you. Myself and my guest Triumph discuss matters of the heart and how she awoke her fearless nature in the current season of her life. It is a real conversation recorded…grab your favourite treat and listen to personal nuggets to help you awaken the fearless nature within. Like, subscribe and share

Awakening Authenticity

Fearless because your Fathered Episode #02

Your Value is in Christ Episode #01

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