Propel your purpose and plan with productivity.


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You will no longer have time to entertain negative thoughts because you will be positioned to create for yourself a creative corner online and at home to keep you focused and refreshed.

Whether you are starting a venture or have started and feel stuck or going to the next level this program is for you. It is not a tailored program so where you need clarity on moving forward you will gain the results during and after the four weeks.

 Imagine smiling on your vision, building self discipline and gaining clarity on:

  • Your purpose and vision.
  • Setting relative concepts and tasks that simulate positive thinking.
  • Reaching your vision goals.
  • Establishing dedication in your life and purpose.


A four week program will be sent to you via email with plans, scheduled sessions and key areas of focus for your progression.

Coaching Program results :

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Four week program includes: 

Clean & Clearp-4

 Phone sessions are held via Skype in the UK and via Zoom for International calls.

A unique and life changing program suited for a lady like yourself at an affordable price. 


Client agrees to

  • Attend sessions and be respectful.

  • Be honest with their vision and honest about what they want clarity in. 
  • Work hard and give 100% to the process by holding themselves accountable to the outcome.

As your coach I will give 110% within our time together and support you along the way via email along side our call sessions. I am dedicated to seeing you thrive while gaining the clarity and strategies needed. You will receive our call sessions and homework to complete.

This program is for the woman who is dedicated to working on her vision and is not looking for a get rich system but requires vision clarity to help move her forward.

If this program is what you need right now, let’s talk!


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” Thank you for the consultation. It has given me so much to think about. God bless you for taking the time out of your day. ”

Temi , Founder of That Red Lipstick

” I attended the worthy woman boot camp and I was so blessed.
It was very detailed and the materials provided were very useful. I was able to create my first vision board. The session about online business and branding by Wunmi was really great too, I learnt so much. She was also kind enough to email us all the information’s!
Before attending I had an idea of what to expect but I was totally wrong. I like that it didn’t only focus on the financial aspects but rather on God, mindset and behaviour as well.
This workshop opened my heart to so many different things that I never considered for my business. Like writing my vision down and being clear about where I am and where I am headed. The work books given to us, was very handy and simple. I don’t like writing but this was easy for me to complete. The questions made me think deeper and the deeper I thought the more ideas and motivations I got.
I would really recommend this workshop, for anyone starting a new venture or just not sure of where to start or just need support. Sarah is very good at helping people cross over to the next stage. A lot of help was provided during and after the session.
Just go with an open mind and God will bless you through this workshop.
The women of God that headed this workshop were very thoughtful and genuinely wanted to provide as much help as possible.
Sarah also went out of her way to provide an extra two weeks coaching. We discussed our progress and struggles. We were able to set weekly goal as well as as share any progress.
Thanks to Sarah for a creating such and opportunity for young women like myself to learn and grow. Not just business wise but personally. “
Sandra xx


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