Maternity & Me encouragement


It’s time to Serve Mothers & Millennial mothers – Sarah Utsaghan

Maternity & Me : home truths and encouragement for ladies on the Mat-vile journey!

This is for you if , you fit in one of these categories :

1. Unsure what maternity period entails due to hearing others negative experiences. Or unsure of what it involves and what it could mean for your lifestyle and work ethic.

2. Starting or in maternity

3. Concluding your mat leave

4. Child is 1 year plus

You want to grow in the different periods of maternity leave and ways to navigate your way to a fulfilled and peace filled life. 

In this program you will develop a deeper element of your worth and work ethic. Set attainable life and child care goals. 

The beauty of the program is lead by your maternity needs.

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Published by Lady with Heart

Sarah is a minister, creator, and coach empowering ladies after God's heart, to excel in faith and life.

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