Your authentic life is in hidden in Christ

He came to give us an authentic life. Because of what Jesus Christ did for us , we can be washed by the reading of his word and become new. Our sins and past he bore for us!  For a life of Freedom. 

This weekend has so much abundance and opportunity to allow God to awaken His nature in you. I pray it will be so for you in Jesus name.

Where ever there has been confusion or frustration this day receive clarity of heaven in Jesus name. 

Take courage and take charge of creating a Clarity Lifestyle that reflects the heart God gave you to express for your life and family.  There are personal and keys steps to apply to own your lane and take more courage daily. 

I’m Celebrating the new you God has called you to be daily this Easter weekend with you. It is the time to awaken and let go of excess and excuses. Birth Clarity & Courage in your pursuits .

With my Birthing Clarity module & How to birth Courage guide includes downloadable audio , workbook and guide bundle. Usual totalling  £22 But for this weekend just for you it’s £11. 

Pay £11 here Utsaghan . An Email will follow. 4 DAYS ONLY !! 

Follow  @aclaritycorner on Instagram and start creating your Clarity Lifestyle! 

Excel in Life & Christ 



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