It’s in your handbag: Ways to utilise what you have

In the recent months God has been opening my eyes to see the resources I need to achieve purpose and my home life successfully are in and around me. 

There have been times I am looking for something and find it in one of my handbags. Because as ladies we have many for different occasions and if your like me, I empty out most things but still keep a few bits for when I decide to choose the ‘beautiful’ wine leather bag. I’m sure you have a favourite one too! 

So back to where I was regarding looking for essential items in the bag! Do you know that the knowledge, skill, ability you are looking for right now to achieve your purpose and life tasks is within you and around you? 

At times we can put pressure on ourselves to achieve things a certain way, while God has a better and convenient way. I have seen God in the past few months show me and help me get reach goals with what was in my ‘handbag’. 

So what is your handbag, you ask?

Your handbag is relative to your surroundings, home environment, social connections and financial presence. You have tangible abilities within theses four areas that must not be taken for granted and undermined. Within them you are more than capable to achieve your goals. Disregard the thoughts of ‘waiting for change’ and ‘choose to work’ now to build a strong foundation and character.

Every goal you have is God’s goal also, there are skills and abilities you have not yet utilised. These can not be brought to light by education but being connected to the heart of God.

When I say what you need right now to achieve your seasonal goal is in your handbag, I am reminding you that rather than looking at how big your goals are, God has a way you can achieve them where you are and with what you have. 

I don’t know what your trying to achieve right now in your purpose or vision, but I admonish you to take a few minutes to ask Jesus, ‘ How should I do this? , ‘Who should I connect with?’ ‘Where should I start?’ These three simple questions will transform your life as it has mine. 

Be willing to hear and see things differently and do not disregard what is in front of you neither.

Keep soaring and wining!


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