How to keep pursuing Passionately


Hey Lady,

In last weeks post we talked about pursuing purpose rather than posing. And as promised this topic is about pursuing passionately. I will share afew nuggets and continue next week. But get stuck in….

You are in a race with other wonderful women. Some may be following God’s plan and some may be doing what pleases themselves. The truth is you won’t be surrounded by like minded people all your life, that is why you must keep pursuing what God has given you to do passionately.

Be passionate because you are the only one that sees what you see. People will not be able to envision your God given vision. Don’t expect them to, or you will be waiting a long time.

Keep your eyes focused on your expectations and vision goals. Don’t allow yourself to get comfortable when things are going well or discouraged when they don’t work.

Remain prayerful, compete all your thoughts, feelings and  ideas to God.

Remove yourself from emotional, mental and physical distractions. Wherever you find yourself losing passion, move away from it and reconnect to passionate pursuits and knowledge.

Never undermine yourself, let go of mistakes and ask God for grace to fulfil each task.

Hope this has enriched you and if you have other ways you pursue purpose and your ventures passionately I would love to hear about it by commenting below.

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