Are you a poser or pursuer?

I was thinking about my passion for purpose and the hunger to be everything God fashioned me to be. And I realised in time past when I didn’t have this passion, it seemed as though I was posing through life.

If I liked something I will strike a pose, waiting for pictures to be taken by people who admired the gems in my hands that I found while living life.

Do you find yourself posing to be noticed and accepted by people ?

Posing in a certain position in life because people have given you their approval and recognition?

Who are the people taking pictures of you? Who is giving you the satisfaction that where you are and what your doing is okay, so stay and don’t move!

Are you staying still in your vision and purpose because you like what you see and you are around other people who agree?

Lady, you are here to pursue your purpose passionately, remaining in the place of pleasing people will only lead to a lifestyle of a poser. Someone who appears to look like they are living in purpose but has only captured a snapshot.

There is more to unearth within you , that is why you need to keep pursuing.You will need to listen to your heart and move as God directs you.

When lifestyle photographers are taking photos they tell you to make a move so they can snap shoots simultaneously.

Imagine your lifestyle photographer is Jesus, he is with you on this journey of purpose because it’s his life and light your here to reflect.

Let him give you the positions to move in which will keep you on track in pursuing your purpose. He will take spontaneous shoots of your pursuit and these poses will be for the right accomplishments.

It sounds like a strange scenario right, why will you pose in your journey of life? When we are all here to keep moving forward to reach our destination.

The truth is you are currently in a beautiful place, everyone may love where you are but ask God if there is another move he wants you to make.

He wants you to Move in knowledge, wisdom, grace, truth and love.

Your journey of purpose is to be pursued. Don’t settle for posing.

Excel in Life,


P.S Vision and Visual Workshop is the place to pursue… get your tickets if your in the UK

P.S Next week post on how to pursue your purpose and vision authenticly and passionately.


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