Are you using your key?

Do you ever get the feeling that you have a key that has been made specifically for you and no one else. It’s what sets you apart from the crowd, the ability that makes you unique and authentic.

That key is your ideas, gifts, dreams and visions. Your key fits a door and a specific keyhole. The more you learn and apply yourself to your craft and industry the more you allow the key to fit the keyhole and open doors of possibilities.

Life gets busy, as a mother and wife myself I know the struggles of balancing vision and family commitments, but I am also determined to learn and humble myself where appropriate so I can fit my key in my keyhole and not allow it fall on the floor.

Having your key dropped on the ground is my metaphor of stopping and leaving your vision aside. Being authentic means you will have to fight for your worth, you will not allow yourself to be discouraged easily, you make the final decisions on what builds you up spiritually, emotionally and mentally so you can keep build in your dreams.

You commit yourself to responsibilities that may not involve your vision but you know will build character and strength.

Don’t let your key drop!

We are two months into 2018 and a lot may have happened, the Buzz of ‘new year new me’ speeches to the realities of life and the fight to stay focused at all costs.

One of the cost in being grounded on who God created you to be and expressing that in your uniqe way, whether on social media, public platforms or in writing.

Your journey of authenticity has a cost, keep learning and growing so your key remains untainted and opens up doors of possibilities. If you have a social media account and want to keep sharing your vision with tools on being creative with your message and being authentic as you do so join @lwv_support.

What key are you using? Are you applying yourself where you did to and if not , what’s stopping you? Share your thoughts and click reply!

Excel in Life, 


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