How to stop blocking your own blessings and thrive

Hey Lady,

…. have you thought about this?
Why some women fight each other and themselves! The scary thing is that it is even within the christian community as well. It’s quite frightening honestly!

I don’t see any fights! You may say. But the fight I am talking about is not physical but mentkal and a battle of emotions.

What are the fights?

The words or actions that no one hears of or sees apart from God your maker. A secret fight within to be seen, heard and praised,because your a daughter of a King and the apple of his eye. But that’s not the intention for those verses, those verses are to build you up in the image of God not to build a pride look.

Then we have the emotional battle where rather than sharing an honest compliment, or asking for help there is
A ‘I can do better’ lingering in the air waves.
A moment of being happy when your plans are working and another of being upset with yourself and others when the plans are not working for you.
The pressure of trying to be the next best thing that does a,b,c in your field yet doesn’t need a community of likeminded people! Yikes! The fight is hard.

Where is it coming From?

I believe it comes from a place of pride, where personal experiences and thoughts have taken over God’s living word in your mind and heart. If you acknowledge your views and self image above who God says you are it becomes easy to deny yourself of your true worth in God, in effect fighting everything that comes your way, even your own blessings.

God’s blessings are delivered to an address that has his word on it, and that is you, if the post is sent but you are busy competing, bearking, being jealous etc. You will easily miss the blessings of walking in purpose.

As I turn 30 in 24hrs, I ponder on this because God has shaken me lot over the years and will still be working on my heart as I walk in purpose with Him because I can not afford to walk in purpose on my own. Can you?

The truth is for you to fulfill their God given vision in life
You have to be ready to stop hosting mental and emotional battles within against yourself and other people, while you walk in your God given vision.
Take a every thought captive that exhalts itself above God’s thoughts and actions of love towards yourself and others.

I personally feel God wants to help you put an end to every fight you have in your heart or have experienced in the past as 2017 draws to a close. 2018 is waiting for you and will fly by if you spend a min or hour dwelling on emotional battles that yield no result or fruit but a damaging effect.

If you see someone in the field you are also called to , reach out and build a godly connection.

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Excel in life,



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