How to Own your pace & own your vision!

Hey Lady,

I have been pondering on the fact that it is nearly the end of the year and there is a lot to do and prepare for in 2018. Have you been thinking on this also?

It has challenged me to think and act on owning what God has given to me. You see we can easily get caught up in doing things that does not help us achieve our God given idea. I am sure you have heard the saying, busy body!

A busy body does many things without taking full ownership. Are you tired of doing many things but not owning your own process to accomplishing your big dream, are you tired of not being one with your work and purpuose in life?

If you want to own what God has given you by taking leaps and steps in your own pace, personal season without having the pressure of competition and lack of inspiration, then I encourage you to OWN IT! Take full ownership of how you will make your idea work, own your style and everything that is in your heart to achieve. Let people see your work and see a lady who is proud of who God made her to be, a lady living in her purpose.

Because that is what owning it is all about, you need not to be embarrassed, ashamed, confused about the heart God gave you. You embrace every mistake, joy and plan with the confidence that it all works for your good.

2 areas to own the time you spend is to

  1. Create weekly hours to work towards your plans
  2. Divide the hours into daily schedules

P.S Owning it is the secret weapon to living in joy and defeating depression.

Excel in Life,


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