FREE Walking in Purpose 7 DAY DEVOTIONAL

Hey Lady,

Because I love you with all my heart….

Thank you for your support by reading, liking, replying content from A Ladies Heart.

This 7 day devotional has been created to support you as you live a purpose driven life with Christ. God laid it on my heart to share it and if I am changing , I want you to change for good too. It is only for 7 days because as you read it for daily for a month, the verses, prayer and affirmations will renew your mind on your true worth and do everything with God as your #CEO in life. Let God speak to you in new ways each day.

I have been thinking on how we can build engagement with this devotional what do you think? would you like to join me? I will be live tomorrow 11am on instagram @aladiesheart and ALH Network (Facebook)  so come and join the community if you haven’t already!

I won’t say too much so subscribe and get your ‘Walking in purpose’ 7 day devotional

Excel in Life,



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