New ‘Dedicated’ Service Launch

21days to living dedicated to purpose

 Launching 3rd November 

If you enjoyed the Unwrap your purpose Series, this 21 day program allows you to personally unwrap your season and apply yourself to your purposeful driven vision, business, ministry and project.

In this 21 day program we will share tools on committing to your purpose, identify the season you are in and how you can work towards your goals and adapt your vision around your season, whether that be a business, ministry or project. You maybe a working woman, wife, mother and want to dedicate 21 days to working hard and having clear plans to succeed.

It takes 21 days to break a habit so lets break those habits that keep you stuck and gain a new habit for purpose no matter how you feel and live. We will unlock limitations hindering your work flow, mindset and skills. This launches in 3 days  and you will be able to purchase the program ready to start on 7th November.

There is a reason for your season, you don’t need to stop working towards the dreams of your heart. Stay committed to the reason God created you while adapting where you are to your purpose. 

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