My support for Human Trafficking Survivors

Our Love Gift to Support A21 in August!

I have created a donate page, so whenever your on the blog its easier to give!


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In August I will be supporting Abolishing slavery in the 21st century’s cause, the organisation is founded by Christine Caine and her husband Nick, Christian leader’s and Pioneer’s.

The organisation rescues women, girls and boys from human trafficking, their mission is to abolish the act around the world. I came across her organisation in a time of prayer quiet a while ago now and was lead by the Holy Spirit to send encouraging cards to them  last year and was overwhelmed with their response. I have a heart to pray and act for all who are bond one way or the other, believing God will free them physically and emotionally. God wants them to know he loves them and came to rescue them from pain.

I will love to reach more surviors with your support. It’s all about giving and sharing the love of God this month.

Who will receive them?

Women and girls rescued from human trafficking and in need , will receive an empowerment card each, designed by myself to encourage them on their journey. Their offices are located in 12 countries, the cards will be sent to locations of their choice, all by God’s grace.

Join the Venture & Donate

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Subscribers, Followers and visitors join me on this venture and reach more people. Simply donate any amount of your choice. Nothing is too small. Take some time to visit their website too, you will be blessed.

Lets help a lady at a time, start their new journey with words of life that will restore their hearts.

Thank you for your giving. I would love to hear from you and thank you personally.



Much Love

Sarah x


4 responses to “My support for Human Trafficking Survivors”

  1. Wonderful that you are helping with such an important issue! I’ll help bring more awareness to it by including a link to your post in my Friday inspirational roundup post. Hugs

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    1. Well Thank you very much Christy, yes it is. It’s great to give to those who need it the most. Thank you for the love x


  2. […] 2017, and I’m still writing that. Human trafficking survivors need assistance, and you can help them by checking out this informative post by A Ladies […]


    1. Thank you for the support and shout out! Great site, keep it up.


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