Start in Stages to Reach the Goal

Hey Lady,

I remember starting the blog and focusing on the end result, its great to have a vision right! But what happens when you have a big goal but struggle to know how to map your way through. Have you focused only on your work or education and have not been able to practicalize anything pertaining to your vision? We have all been there. God wants you to be interested enough to take gradual steps to be who he has showed you.

How I started my first stage 

I am not an English graduate with experience with writing essays , which can be about the length of a blog post theme. I am a Textile Graduate, and written work was not the main result of our course.  Yet that did not stop me starting my blog. What I am highlighting is that you have skills that link you to accomplish purpose, and purpose is achieved in stages. God has given me a heart to encourage and empower people. As an Apostle’s(Pastor) wife I live that daily, yet, God pushed me to branch out in other areas to empower women also. I have also been writing since I gave my life to Christ, 11 years ago and have many notebooks even to now. I literally write down every stage I have been through in life. It is something I am interested in doing, that has somehow become a skill ( some will

What is God stirring in your heart? If you don’t know in detail it’s time to know!

Start your first stage of reaching the goal and vision God gave you. God reveals our vision through dreams too, if you have had a dream of yourself doing what you know you can’t do on your own, please pray. God wants to do it through you and need you to partner with him. You will begin to live out that dream you received when you understand the skills, gifts and interests God has placed in you. They all work together. You will also begin when you face every voice that tells you ‘that’s not me’, if that isn’t you, who is that?

You are the best woman God created for the job! He has filled you with his heart, we all have to unwrap each stage. I’m sure you have already written down your vision for life, but you have to also break them down in stages, admitting your skills and interests! Please don’t despise your gifts and interests, Stay focused on Jesus and what he placed in your heart.

God is ready to guide you, open up this worksheet and write down everything on your heart with your Maker. The visions and dreams you have will come to life, don’t worry about that.

Overcome Obstacles

There will be obstacles we face but God does not want us to be limited by them, You need to face those distractions today. These can be from your feelings, past, certain experiences, finance, dependence on friendships, but you know yourself and know what stops you from taking the first step. The worksheet above also helps you note this area.

Where ever you are in accomplishing your vision, know that you can do all things through Christ not through yourself or anyone else. He is your source and will help you take each step at a time. The visions and dreams you have will come to life, don’t worry about that.

*P.S. Don’t forget to save your worksheet*

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Much Love,





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