How to start a new venture and step out the boat!

Hey Lady,

We are half way through the year and I’m sure you have loads to do and accomplish before Dec 31st right ? I do. How are you feeling about that? Exhausted! Frustrated! Hopeful! Excited! Nervous! I sometimes have all these feelings at once , because I’m forever planning for tomorrow and would like tomorrow to just come. Lol.

The reality is, we have to take steps to achieve our plans , these steps include financial support, mentoring support, business plans.  We also have to put them in prayer to ensure we are on the right track, have favour and don’t miss opportunities.

If you saw my first video on instagram, you will know what I mean. We want everything to be so perfect that we don’t even start. I had a spot the day I said I will record, I could have pushed it for when my face is clear and I speak every word like a robot. I had to squeeze it in before going to work and feeding the kids, I’m surprised you couldn’t hear the background noise. But I knew God was saying I should step out the boat, with friends and family’s push too. Of course we should have a good standard for things but if you don’t start how will you grow and have a testimony.

I want you to know God wants you to succeed, he said

‘ My word will not return to be void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the  thing where I sent it’ Isaiah 55:11

Guess what you are that living word, every  plan and dream you have are his word’s spoken into you, he inspired those visions and dreams not you! You are not meant to accomplish dreams on your own. Look at Joseph for example, all the odds were against him, yet he succeed because he knew God gave him the vision.

Rather than saying to yourself ‘I don’t have money to do this right now’,  ‘I don’t know where to start’ say by faith ‘ I have the support and wisdom I need to start this now’ in Jesus name.  Search for the information you need and do what you can now and speak the rest in faith.

I’m so excited right now because everything that thinks it has one up on you is coming down , this verse gives you and me life because it comes to life when we speak it. It doesn’t go back to the father void.

Step out the boat. Read Matthew 14:29

Look to Jesus

He calls you to step out of the boat as he called Peter.  The eyes of your heart and understanding must be fixed on Him. When all odds seem against you and a storm is raging to discourage you, keep your eyes on Jesus and not the feelings, emotions, words or thoughts that will come. Remember you are a Lady of Faith and all things are possible.

Trust Him

So you want to do something you have never done, trust Jesus. He will lead and direct you, he will lead you to people, contacts and resources you couldn’t find if you googled Have the mind that you will succeed, please don’t start it if you still think nothing will work. This will waste your time because you are still doubting. It was doubt that caused Peter to sink after walking on the water. So trust him and not your feelings, limitations or people.

Have Passion

The passion you have to succeed with the vision  will also bring help and support to you. It will cause you to break the laws of nature. Love God with all your heart ad let his passion fill you to do everything with your faith to follow him and live life.


This rounds it all up, to say You will do something new and unheard of is your first step of faith. To keep hold of your faith you must feed it with Gods word, pray it and meditate on it, try not to think on only your imaginations because they have no foundation  really, you can only fulfil them with your Saviour, Jesus.

A great  promise is found in Deu 28:8

“The Lord shall command tthe blessing upon you in your storehouses and in all you set your hands to do, and he shall bless you in the land which he will give you.”

What are you starting? Are you going to Step out of the boat today? I would love to hear what your up to and pray along with you. Share your thoughts below on how this post has empowered you.

Much Love 💕



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