Why I said yes the 2nd time round! Why did you say yes?

Hi Lady,

I’m going to share a little about me and my engagement story. I got engaged the second time I was asked my husband to marry him! I hear you say really? Yes, really! My husband always shares his story and highlights how my yes! the second time allowed him to grow and learn patience with God. So here it goes, get yourself an iced caffe mocha if you can.

I and husband were really good friends, we were actually ‘friends with a purpose’ rather than the ‘friends with benefits’ kind of swag. At the time I thought he was old for me, but we are 5 years apart, that’s young nowadays…lol. We were in the choir at our previous church and long story short, he taught me everything I know about singing! yes, I sing.

Our friendship was blossoming but I was not at the stage inwardly or mentally to go to what we call the next stage but my husband was. I was quite a ‘rude gal’! as they say in London though a Christian, how does that work..lol, well God has mercy on whom he chooses to, let’s put it that way. I was a real, straight talking Christian, no-nonsense, say it as it is type of person, though I have a little trace of that trait now, God has done wonders and is still working on me but I guess it has become more subtle as I am growing in my prophetic mantle. That’s another thing, it doesn’t matter your ‘anointing’, there is always room to grow into carrying your mantle with honor and integrity through your words and actions. And I pray for those who seem to take it as a right, to say or do and do a,b,c.

Why I said I was not ready!IMG_0440

Many women today will jump at the chance,  and many thought I was silly. I have a heart that does things on purity, meaning if my heart is not telling me to do something I won’t allow my head to tell me to.

At the time I  wanted to know God for who he was, walking in healing and restoration from my past and wanted purpose more than anything. My husband was a big part of that journey of healing and was a great friend. He summoned the courage to ask me to marry him before I left for uni. My response was less than what he wanted, I shared with him how I needed time to grow more and finish uni. I didn’t feel ready for a big step like that and was still discovering ‘Who I am’.  It’s a blessing to know why you want to get married to the person you said yes! to. You’re yes has a foundation, look at the reasons you said yes, look at the word of God regarding the heart and vision of a good husband.  I believe your fiance may carry those natures, but go above that and keep praying for God to perfect his image in Christ.

Heaven’s plan supersedes earth’s

My husband felt turned down and wait to the Lord in prayer, God revealed that he should wait for me till I was ready. Really! I believe God made me say no because he had more things to reveal to my husband about his life and purpose and when I had finished uni he was accomplishing things he wouldn’t have if he didn’t wait on God in that season.  It’s like God made both of us pause and look to heavens throne room, though things came our way to obstruct us. Heaven’s plan superseded it on the basis that my second yes was filled with more love, a knowing of my purpose, how my purpose may serve his and

IMG_0443God’s plan for our future. With God’s confirmation that we are like ‘Abraham and Sarah’ following our God into a land, we do not know.

“The LORD had said to Abram, “Go from your country, your people and your father’s household to the land I will show you.” – Genesis 12:1

And that is how it can be sometimes in marriage.

Most times heaven brings people together because of the plan they are both to accomplish in the Kingdom of Heaven because in heaven there is no marriage, it is important you marry right so whatever work yu do on earth it contributes to the purpose of your existence.

“At the resurrection, people will neither marry nor be given in marriage; they will be like the angels in heaven.”- Matthew 22:30

Many think that purpose is learning a subject or doing a business alone, marriage is part of your purpose journey. God will still see what you accomplished in your years of marriage and see you only and not you and your husband. Wow! what a way to see marriage. Don’t be caught up with did he buy me this or listen to me but is he pushing you to destiny also with his love. Does he know the treasures you carry and is ready to push them our of you?

Why did you say yes?

You can always search this out in this season. God saying yes is a criteria to getting married but I also believe even from the Bible that our stand in saying yes, can match God’s yes. God can say yes but you still need to grow into the yes. God saying yes doesn’t mean you stay as you are, it means you have to get a new mindset on how you will work hand in hand together, fit each other’s ministry, purpose or vision.

Now you have your yes to marry him, seek God for answers on how he wants you both to serve in the kingdom. Please don’t assume this is only for the man to do, how will you know what part to play if you don’t have your personal revelation and understanding to the plan ahead. Of course, you won’t have the blueprint, but pray that your fiance gets the clear blueprint from God so in all seasons you have a vision of your tomorrow.

“..everyone who is called by my name, whom I created for my glory, whom I formed and made.” -Isaiah 43:7

Please don’t limit your marriage to a wedding, children, car, money, and house. Marriage is so much more and includes a lot of hidden work, heart work, and prayer work. These indeed and a blessing to it. But most importantly your heart in the marriage is what God honors.

How has God highlighted to you that your purpose aligns to your future husband? 

*Please feel free to comment and share. We help each other excel!


2 responses to “Why I said yes the 2nd time round! Why did you say yes?”

  1. This is a really powerful story! Thank you for sharing! I agree that many people these days do need to not be so quick to jump into marriage. They see their friends getting married, so they at also eager to jump in. But what you did was a mature and powerful move, to wait on God’s timing. And I also agree that we should help our spouse grow in ministry, and they in turn should help us as well! We are all here to do the work for The Kingdom of God! But what a blessing it is to have a partner by your side on that journey! Much love to you!


    1. Thank you for your kind words, To be honest I was a bit nervous to share it. Yet I know I’m here to help a woman out there. I believe it was by Gods grace , and I can’t take credit for being a ‘certain’ for him to ask me.

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