Part 2: Tips on Money Talk Matters

Hi Lady, before we go on please read ‘Money Talk Matters: talk about it’ if you have not read it.

Most importantly I want you to know that it is not a ‘sin’ to be married with some debts to pay off, you can still get married with some debts, we are only discussing how to talk about it and be open with each other about it.

I hope that is clear and has given you a sigh of relief. To be honest, some men may have the mind of not setting a wedding date till ALL and I mean, ALL debt’s he owes, have been paid. The only thing with this is that it prolongs the engagement period and brings uncertainty in the journey, which is another reason to talk about it. If this touches bases with you, pray about it and talk with him and your courtship counselor if it really bothers you.


Now let’s get to the nitty gritty of the post. I assumed you have spoken a lot about things and have a goal going forward to support each. At the end of the day, this is what it is all about, supporting each other. If he has no debts and only you have, don’t feel bad or a failure, ask for advice, he isn’t marrying you because you are perfect.

If you don’t have any and he does, see how you can be a ‘helpmate’ to him in this area. By ensuring if there is something you can do rather than him, so he can put the funds elsewhere, why not! He is not less of a man, neither are you more of the man. If that thought crosses your mind, pull it down in the name of Jesus. You both agreed to start a journey as one together, this will involve the smallest detail too!

Here are some tips to help you tackle any debts if that is your goal.

Look at ways to support each other

Read about your Debtor: How do they want you to manage account?

Generate extra income

Use a skill to make money and put into your savings too! Skills like sewing, makeup artist, baking cupcakes, home tutor, buying and selling beauty products, making products etc. You know your niche!

  • Learn a skill or trade to gain extra income. You don’t have to pay loads for it. I’m sure someone has told you ‘Your good at…’ try it out.


  • Stay focused
  • Avoid usage
  • Know the amount you can afford?
  • Set an amount you can pay extra
  • Give yourself a time frame

Speak faith!

I just want to let you know that I’m not an expert but a woman like you who loves to help and support women. If you have a question or prayer support feel free to contact me.




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