Money Talk Matters, talk about it

Lady did you know money matters is one big area that shapes a good marriage. Marriage is not the place to have all the money you want to buy things and he pays bills, its far from it. You will only know where you both stand financially when you talk about it.  This is the best time to open up to each other about your finances, everyone doesn’t manage their money perfectly so start talking about it now.IMG_0289 (1)


The reality is you only see the cash and card transactions when your out and about, which is good because he isn’t asking you to buy everything and ‘give it back later’, you are only engaged not married yet, so both of you are to still manage your money wisely, of course, buy one or two things but don’t begin to put it on yourself as though if you don’t buy he will think your selfish. That’s not what I’m saying, I’m saying when you both talk about buying a or b now while out, you will see the way you both handle money.IMG_0284

I hope that’s clearer. I will advise that you don’t put it on yourself to buy things to please him, never make him feel the same because when your married buying things to show love is not the way forward, your ‘ i love you’ will be the way you work together. And that is another topic completely.

So let’s look at areas of finance that can be discussed:

  • Loans: Bank loan, student loan, catalog loan, online loan. Student bank account. 
  • Car finance: Monthly payment, when will it finish 3/4 years, what will you do after? buy or renew? 
  • Credit cards:  bank, store cards, online credit card

For all three above you may have none, one or all. The main things you can look at for yourself and discuss is the balances, repayment amounts and the length of time to repay.

You can also check your own credit profile and advise he does the same. So if it needs improvement, it can be dealt with before the big day, gives you a whole year or plus to get it in the green.

*Credit profile: Is it good, bad or needs improvement. What do you need to do to improve it? Check out Experia if you are in the U.K and USA, you may need to pay for it. If you are in other continents check with your bank who will advise you to legitimate companies.

I remember me and my husband doing this and talking about it, to be honest, we were both, phew. Not that if it was red there will be no wedding but at least, we knew so nothing crops up in future. I urge you to do the same for you and if you want him to check why not, there’s no harm.

When you learn where you both are financially, you will take more care in spending and help each other with your spending habits.

Spending habits, what’s yours?

What’s your spending habit? do you have one? If you do please spot it out now, don’t ignore it and think you can get away with it when you marry, because you can’ And please don’t ignore his habit either, you are here to help him too, imagine if you both have the same habit when it comes to paying bills, planning money in future, you both will be looking at each other like, what just happened???

Don’t live an assumed life, assuming he will do it all, if you don’t talk about it, don’t assume it. Especially when it comes to money. You both have been living with your own income, if you have any debts, they become his and he’s debts become yours, two are becoming one. So if you need to start your monthly payments amounts, start now not when your married, and please don’t think he will give you the lump some to clear it, was he there when you were spending it? lol. He may do that but you know his pocket right! I know when you push yourself to pay back gradually, you will cherish the pound or dollar like never before.

Really, if you can, please try to live a life that isn’t dependent on the card or loan. We ladies love to look and smell good. A man doesn’t have to think of his hair or clothes, but we do, and because we do it’s best to do what fits you and your pocket not your loan or credit card pocket. I’m not saying you should own a credit card or loan but they shouldn’t be the standard for you to live the A class life.

God has called us to freedom and it starts with our mindset, whether we are okay with increasing loans or just want out. That will be the next post.

This is the season to be real like never before if you don’t say or know now, when will you find out!

Hope this has helped you, if so comment, like and share. If you have a question, contact me.

Sarah x


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