Alittle about me & Why I started my blog

Hi Ladies,

Mrs U.
Mrs. Sarah Utsaghan.  Author of ALH

So this post is a little about me and why this blog is here. I thought to share on why I started a blog. To be honest I started this blog not to get followers, claps or praises. I started it because I was lead by God to and he is my no. 1 follower. In my time of prayer after shortly having my child ( who came slightly early), it was pressed upon my heart to start WRITING what God laid in my heart. I remember being in the hospital and saying ‘God, I have said it before but I say it again, I am yours’ it was an ‘my life is in you’ kind of moment, the curtained space became like his throne room. With love and support from my husband, the story began and then later refueled…lol. We need refueling on our journey with bumps in the road.

God shared and still shares with me tips and lessons on being a Christian woman before writing posts. My posts were really about being beautiful from within. I love embellished things, so it was an inward embellishment with words we were going for, and empowering women from single to married life while being a woman in the Christian faith. I live what I write because some are life lessons and some are what you just need to hear to get you through your season inspired by the  Holy Spirit, like the 7-day challenge for example. Our Father loves us unconditionally and wants us to be filled with the same measure of love for Him, ourselves and others.

A little bit about my change from religion to kingdom

See, I was not born saved from my mother’s womb and I had lived what we call a ‘secular’ life while going to church as a ‘Christian’ youth and I use those words very lighter. All I know is that my Heavenly Father is very gracious and merciful.

Though going to church was a Sunday ritual, my everyday life was far from a personal one on one, heartfelt walk with my King. I only knew Jesus from what others told me, let’s put it that way. I remember one occasion going to a night club on my birthday and my eyes being opened by God, that day it’s like my taste buds changed suddenly, till this day I hold what I do on my birthday with high esteem because on that day everything changed, and I am always expectant of a new insight and word for my year. I understand for some your taste for the world changes gradually or differently but it can happen either why when you want out!

God wants you enjoying your salvation (marriage) and not enduring it as some will say to a married couple, which really you are because God’s spirit and your spirit becomes one.

My appetite for living without Gods guidance basically died. I knew what my heart wanted was different from what my flesh wanted and after rededicating my heart to Jesus, I longed to live honest and open (truthful and holy) with him. I didn’t want to hide a thought or feeling from him, knowing that in exchange I will have his heart for me.

God wants to also give you His kingdom appetite  

Nowadays it seems easy to be a Christian outwardly because nobody sees your heart and even if they do see certain motives, some people are quick to use the word of God to defend the character or behavior that doesn’t fit our Heavenly Father.

I believe our Father is seeking true worshippers that worship Him in spirit and in truth. Worship with their heart in his presence where ever they go not just on a Sunday. But to worship Him with words, thoughts, and actions inspired by his word. Worship because they are being changed and desire his reflection and no one else’s.

Lady, are you that worshipper? 

Being a follower, a subscriber of the blog or Instagram page is more than being a number, it’s a self-declaration of pursuing a heart after God in all your ways and He is on this journey with you to help you know his heart. He wants you to prosper inwardly and outwardly.

So that’s a little about me, I had to compress it but if you have a question, fire away.

Hope to share more as God leads.




2 responses to “Alittle about me & Why I started my blog”

  1. This is so beautiful and carries such depth! Your faith is truly illuminated and I love the last part which discusses the special place that a personal blog can carry within one’s heart! So well-written!

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words.

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