Women in Ministry: Marriage & Ministry

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Hi Lady,

So I reached out to my sister of 25 years, to share her story of being the main public minister of the Gospel in the home and being a wife. You should read this even where you feel God pulling at your heart strings while single or dating and a wife. Find the balance today, get some wisdom on honoring God and your husband!

Mrs. Ajala shares;

There are so much blurred lines when it comes to women in ministry. Can a woman go into ministry, if so, is there a correct way to be a woman in ministry?

There are so much blurred lines when it comes to women in ministry. Can a woman go into ministry, if so, is there a correct way to be a woman in ministry?

I remember when I first discovered that God had called me into ministry, the first feeling I experienced was one of inadequacy.

I mean, could God really use me?

Am I good enough?

My past isn’t the cleanest, so how can I be a minister?

But then God took me to the scriptures and to assure me of His decision about my life.

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.” Jer 1:5

You see, no matter how we feel, our feeling doesn’t change God because He made His decision long before we experienced that feeling.

God doesn’t call anyone into ministry because of what we have accomplished in life or in our local church, He calls you into ministry when He decided to place you in your mother’s you. You are an assignment of God wrapped up in flesh and sent into the world. The calling was always there, all that has happened now is that your eyes as been opened to discover the calling so that the journey to the birth of the ministry you are called to can begin.

I can hear you say to me, What are my past mistakes?

Well, God knows that you made those mistakes and still chose you, in fact, He also knows the mistakes you will make in the future and has still chosen you. All God wants you to recognize, is that this is not your ministry but His ministry that He has placed in your hands.

What does that mean?

It means that God is your boss. You look to Him for guidance and help not your surroundings, even when you get it wrong, run back to Him. You are sent into ministry for a specific purpose so you must focus to achieve it because be a great minister means accomplishing the assignment that the One who sent you, gave you.

Of course, people told me what about the scripture that says in 1 Tim 2:12

” I do not permit a woman to teach or to assume authority over a man; she must be quiet.”

I had to take that scripture to God and ask Him to unveil the truth to me. It does say “…women should not teach…she must be quiet”

The first thing God pointed that to me that that was Paul’s instruction to a specific church for the sake of order. The scriptures say I (meaning Paul as an apostle) not God. The second thing that God showed me, was the array of women throughout scriptures that were in ministry from Miriam to Deborah, to Mary to Priscilla etc. The list of women in ministry in scripture in vast. So God does approve of women in ministry but yes there is a correct and an orderly manner for women to operate in ministry.

Honoring your husband…

I would if you will allow me, to gently guide the passion I have seen in many young women ministers. Your calling never overrides God’s order. The man is the head of the home and we must submit to him in “everything” Eph5:24. I find it interesting how women will give their bodies to their husbands but then think the ministry is simply between them and God.

There is a blessing in your ministry when you have the blessing of the man covering you.

For me now, it is my husband but before I was married it was my pastor. They guide, instruct, encourage and reprove me and I have seen the heaven open over the ministry because of submitting to them in the ministry. You may be called by God, but God has put you under them. Also, even if your covering gets it wrong sometimes, God will step in because you have honored His way.

In the same manner, we must follow God’s order in the way we live our lives publicly, knowing that many people base their decisions of what they do by what they see you do. You have a high calling, carry it out with care and a great honor. Bear in mind those who are watching you even when you are not looking.

God has given you grace, walk in it

Ministry may seem so hard but the grace necessary to do it well was given to you by God when He called you. Trust that you have what it takes, embrace your calling and be confident in your backing. They is so much inside of you to give, but in ministry, the ministry is bigger than the individual.



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