Start something new! I dare you

The day where our Creator and Father rested from all his works. He stepped back and allowed who he created to take dominion on the earth. It’s getting deep, I know.

The highlight here is God gave them dominion over what he created for them. So also God has given you, at times a thought comes  ‘ if I could do this..’, ‘I don’t have the time…’ etc, but let’s think about that, you don’t have the time to do what God placed in your heart to have dominion in?

The time has gone to do things that he may not be fully leading you in, so you spend more time in worry and war. Of course, when you do something he asks there will be a war but at least it is not in vain and testimonies follows you.

I believe God what’s us on the last day of the challenge to step out in faith and start what he placed on our hearts and start something new, it will definitely be out of your comfort zone but it will give glory to God and give you honor too. People will begin to actual see the God of Ms. A.

If you have an interest in: 

Playing an instrument, there are a lot of instruments to choose from, like the keyboard, guitar, drums, saxophone, violin. Look at what is affordable to start with and learn from youtube, buy books, contact an instructor

Getting singing lessons first get your style, go into your secret place with God, allow him to give you songs, a style, melody and of the anointing. Then you can contact the vocal coach to help strength your voice you have developed.

Serve in your church in an area you believe God wants you to support. If God put it in your heart he will keep your momentum while serving and connect people to train you.

Working with an organization who serve the body of Christ and a community. Let God lead you and if you are to help with financial support do it in faith and wisdom. You may be in the same area and are able to offer your skills in one of their teams, go for it.

These are just a few, I believe you know what I’m getting at, so ask the holy spirit today and do something new with Gods backing.

Thank you for following the 7-day challenge, more to come so if you haven’t already, subscribe & follow, follow.

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