God’s word is true! Speak it


Glad you made it, lady I want you to know that No one knows the good works you were created to fulfill here on earth. No eye has seen it, no ear has heard the fullness of it. it doesn’t matter what people think of you and what they think fits what they know of you, what only matters is what your father thinks, knowing what he thinks brings you into the good works he prepared for you to do in advance.

I love that! he set it all up already and just wants you to quit looking at Ms. A, Mrs. B, Miss C and look at him the Alpha & Omega, who is also over Ms. A, Mrs. B, and Miss C. He may even use them as part of your journey for awhile, but if you look at them as your God to help, the help won’t be as fruitful as it should be. Ask God and he will locate the right people and things which are part of His plan.

God’s word is full of the purpose, direction, inspiration and power you need to walk in the image he created you for. You can only search what has been made already. You are not lost or wandering, your searching, but I encourage you to search with God and he cause you to find it.

Let go and pull down every thought that tries to tell you otherwise. Let go of holding people opinions higher than Gods in your life and be free to walk in the good work set for you. Heaven rejoices with you today.

Act on Gods word about you today!




2 responses to “God’s word is true! Speak it”

  1. My Blessing By Grace Avatar
    My Blessing By Grace

    I’m loving reading these posts! Xx

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    1. Bless you , thank you. Hope it’s blessing you

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