Tips on putting Jesus first

One thing that stops a  woman reverencing God first before she acts or speaks is that she may be more occupied with having people’s thoughts, words and actions in mind above Gods. To fear the Lord is to reverence him, acknowledge him, yes it isn’t easy at first because you want to do you. Yet it is a process that will benefit all of us because in doing so he causes us to be a praise. I’m sure you’re tired of seeking praises from people?

The challenge to consciously put God first in thought today is quite a big one, its a step to being more conscious of actions, words and thoughts we dwell on when less occupied and occupied with work and other things. We don’t need to beat ourselves up for missing something, as soon as we know we have missed it, dust yourself and walk in the grace given you in his word that you speak and think of today.

To be beautiful in mind is to place our mind where his mind is. And we know that he honors his word above anything, that includes our emotions.

3 Areas we should grow reverencing the Lord is

  1. With our money, when and how we spend. as a woman I, speak for us all,  this is an area that needs improvement daily, especially in singlehood, while engaged and as a wife or mother. 
  2. Appearance, yes child I said it.  choice of clothing from is part of you owning your image in God. Everyone’s fashion sense and style are different, there are no rules, yet as a child of a king, less is more. Don’t fill pressure to buy, if you can sew, make it. If not, whatever doesn’t leave you filling awkward when you move, bend, reach, sit OR are slain by the holy spirit while at a Christian, wear. But allow the holy spirit to inspire your style too.
  3. Career plans: let God guide you within this area. I know a lot of people say ‘ what is your 5yr plan’. To be honest God works a 5 yr plan in stages and you first need either a 1week-a month to 1 year to 5yr plan, that he is leading and empowering you on. Reverence him in this area and it will cause what you do to be praised and fruitful.

Enjoy x



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