Discovering your beauty in God

Hi Lady,

Is it not great to know that you have a God who desires to know you all the time?  He is never waiting for you on a Sunday morning or even afternoon to be open with him and tell him about what you need to happen or change in your life. He doesn’t want your ‘perfect’ words or heart, he wants you to have an open and honest heart towards him, to pour His Spirit into and produce his kingdom, which is a form of beauty no eyes can comprehend. Being your own kind of beautiful is being who he created you to be.  And you first have to know his heart and embrace it!

Let’s look at the story of Adam and Eve,  you can see He walked with them, they knew him. To know someone is to be intimate, entwined in hearts & words.

One point I want to share is that we do not hear of Eve or Adam asking God more about the importance of not eating the fruit from the forbidden tree. They may have thought it was not needed, but later it was brought up in conversation with the wrong party, who encouraged Eves mind to wonder on the ‘what if’s’. I think that if she comprehended the what if’s she would have walked away or called on God there and then.  I also want us to see that she was not too shaken to have this discussion, possibly the previous conversations were not harmful to her identity. So taking the crown seemed so easy.

Sometimes the things you battle in your mind may have seemed harmless at first, prevent the pattern of entertaining them, they only want you to feel incomplete.  The trick is when you feel incomplete it is then easier to distract you from looking to Jesus. Aligning to his plan completes you. His plan comes from what he places in your heart, working alongside the interests and skills he has already placed in you.

So what is my point, the point raised is for you to be in conversation with God about everything, things you do or don’t understand about yourself. You will be more stable in your thoughts and ways when you follow his instructions.

Will you agree that sometimes, your weakness has more ground than your strengths, are the thoughts in your mind focused on restrictions, fear,  guilt, shame, rejection more than on love, faith, power, peace, strength etc?

God’s plans are great for us, but sometimes life, experience, low self-esteem or being the victim, steals that and replaces it with less than what was intended. So like the garden of Eden are you going to live consciously in conversation with God? Are you going to face your fears and limitations? Are you going to say it as it is regardless of what others say? Are you going to own your garden by walking in everything he placed in you? Applying yourself to truth and no more lies?


It’s time for you to get naked and real with Him. Take back your garden and treasures, The devil is under your feet.

Lady shine for all to see. Let us know how you get on!

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