Be your own Beautiful

Thank you A Ladies Heart for giving me the opportunity to contribute to this amazing blog.

Being a woman has always been full of contradictions from culture, from society. We are always given conflicting information and advice as to how to act, how to speak, how to be. It can be quite a distracting existence you know? That’s why as women we can only rely on God to define us as women because He created us.

Recently, I started developing a real interest in makeup, and at first, I felt really conflicted, does makeup take away from my inward beauty? Will I be seen as fake and using makeup to conceal who I am really am? More importantly by wearing makeup am I tampering with God’s beauty?

The answer I found for all of these questions is no. I feel as though people forget that God looks at our hearts so he can see what is going on, however, it is fair to say as, with everything, makeup can be an idol, an obsession which you can put over God.

My advice for women is, wear the makeup that you feel comfortable with. Not everyone needs to have perfect brows, that killer eyeliner, and contoured cheeks. Every woman is different, so embrace that difference and figure out what works for you. Is it that bold lipstick that highlights your beautiful smile? Or the Highlighter that emphasizes your amazing cheekbones? Use makeup to emphasize your features that you love.

I think that our outward appearance almost reflects on how you feel on the inside. We all know when we feel confidence and great we want to look great and vice versa. This is why we need to work on our inner beauty and make sure we are where God wants us to be. No amount of makeup can cover an ugly heart, honey! So let’s work on our inner beauty.

So ladies, you don’t have to follow all the new makeup trends you see on social media, wear makeup that suits you and reflects your individuality.

 By That Red Lipstick

For inspirational makeup products and tips to highlight your facial beauty. 



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