I’m struggling on yielding to God’s call

While in the midst of friends, there is a tugging, while at work, uni, home the tugging continues. You know God is pulling at your heart strings for some alone time with him because He has something to tell you.

The good news he has for you is beyond a physical blessing, it is a different league completely. As a matter of fact, it may not even seem like a blessing but it is most differently a Heavenly blessing or as we call it ‘ a blessing in disguise’.

Yes I am talking about a call upon your life. God starts by tugging at you to open up more, so you can walk in your purpose and fulfil heavens mandate.

So let’s talk, you may be afraid to yield because you may not feel good enough or think you don’t have enough life experiences. Maybe you feel you are still struggling with something or have made mistakes in the past that are unforgivable and so have disqualified yourself. Another may have struggled with the call itself.

All theses areas above and more are things God knows about. Yet He is still calling you.

I don’t feel good enough

For those who don’t feel good enough, lets clarify something, its a ‘feeling’. In the post ‘Forgiving yourself’ we talk about ‘feelings’. You feel this way because YOU are thinking of your self  in this light, yet God is not. You now have to begin renewing your mind, re train your brain to reflect certain words back to you, your psychological thinking needs a whole new focus. Why? the brain itself stores words, places, experiences and emotions that link to words spoken in the past and present  which now form your mindset to say this is me, this reflects me , I identify with this etc both good and bad.

So you can retrain your self to ‘feel’ good enough by speaking the word of God, studying the word of God. A good area is looking through scripture at people God called and reflecting on the words he spoke to them and reflect on them. Also allow the Holy Spirit to lead and direct you to a anchor verse which he is calling you to fulfil.

Wait do I know…

You may see yourself as not having enough life experiences to even say ‘A’ to someone but God only looks for your availability. He asked in Isaiah 6:8 ‘Who will go for us?.’ He is asking you the same today.

The heart God wants you to have is one that loves Him unconditionally. What you know of Him, lessons  he teaches you that you follow, the heart he has given you for people, nations, kingdoms (industries) , the body of Christ all stem from one place HIM.

Remember Moses,he was not aware that he was holding onto part of his calling. And God asked ‘What is that you have in your hand?’

I think you need to define ‘experience’ . God is not calling you to say what you have seen or heard in your life but what you have seen of Him and heard him say that is true. With this you are a witness of Him as shared in  Isaiah 43:10 ‘You are my witness, my servant I have chosen’.

Its not about what you know but who He is. If you know this is an area you are struggling with, start to fellowship with the Lord more, get to know Him, walk in the Holy Spirit and prayer. And he will differently give you an experience!

I’ve made mistakes

I love that the blood of Jesus has been poured out for us, and we have the right to wash our sins and past with His blood. They are washed away and not held against us. Yet the mind plays games. If your wrapped up in sin (fornication, drugs, alcohol etc) and know you have been called for a work in the Kingdom, I encourage you to ‘flee youthful lusts’, submit to God and resist the temptations.  Get to the foundation of way this is a comfort to you and bring them to God, ask for forgiveness, give Him the empty places and let Him fill it with His Spirit and power and begin to walk in liberty.

Your mistakes were things you didn’t plan but happened, if there is anything you learned from it, note them down and worship the Lord, be in a place of serenity,  it will be hard but this will only help you leave it where it needs to be at God’s thrown, while you see ahead with no more walls in front of you. God may want you to just learn from them so it doesn’t repeat itself or it may be part of what he called you to do,but listen to what he is saying.

He.’bestows on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair. They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the LORD for the display of his splendour.’ Isaiah 61:3

Consecrate Yourself

Now you have faced the oppositions to you yielding, its time to consecrate yourself. This will mean creating more time time with God for him to remove things and place his will and heart in you.  A time to know His presence, fellowship in the holy place, a place of transitioning: changing sphere of where you operate from. Rather than feeling defeated you now dwell in the glory & victory realm.

A time of being more alert and sensitive to His ways and word. A time of revelation from scripture and more prayer.You can always add fasting to it which in a way starves the flesh and feeds the spirit while you apply the above suggestions.

Say Yes!

After all is said and done, God is waiting for one reply ‘Yes’, In your yes , you are allowing him to prepare you, remould you , change you and align you to his perfect will. You are saying ‘I will go where you want me to go, I will say what you want me to say, I will do what  you want me do…I am committed to you’- sounds like a proposal, to be honest it kind of is, because your purpose will bear fruits while your in union with God.

God hears your prayers and knows what you need, yet all he needs is for you to partner with him in the plans he has drawn out.

He calls you to fulfil His purpose, so he will make sure you are doing what he puts in you to do. There are different callings, as we see in the scriptures, Jesus called some to be Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Teachers and Pastors and gave many gifts to others inline with establishing His Kingdom and setting captives free. If you are called to the five fold ministry, understand it was from the foundation of the world also with others. Lets say it is in your blood, your DNA. But God wants you to stand in your identity.

Most importantly know what God whats you to do whether it is in the Kingdom of Heaven or in an industry of work. Take time to seek his face and listen to him, set your self apart for a while from your goals and plans and write down new ones according to his leading.

No more fear

Don’t be afraid, God is with you. If you know the things God has impressed on your heart yet are struggling to walk in it, it is your time of consecration, separation from what is normally done and swapping it for what will renew your mind so you can walk boldly. It is great to have a mentor, but having one without separating yourself will only lead to having a ministry or doing things for mans attention and by man’s instruction. Which is not fulfilling purpose or walking in your God given identity.

Let God connect you to the right mentors and people. In the mean time stay humble and in love with God.

You are called for such a time as this. Your voice will bring victory and liberation to people

*If you struggle with an area not discussed above and want a question answered contact us on our ‘Contact’ page.*




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