Forgiving Yourself

First and foremost, if you haven’t read Single & Waiting or Part 2: Overcoming Lust, Read them first and continue with this. If you have read it, well done and lets get started.

I believe part of the steps to overcoming lust, is forgiving yourself. Yes forgive yourself, why? because the bible lets us know that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us. So while we were in our wrongs he forgave us in advance. He knew we had no power of ourselves to stop, so he came and died for us and shed his blood for us, covering the wrongs with his blood. Which now gives us the power to overcome that which overcame us. Now we are clear on the power of the cross and the forgiveness that is available for all.

We see that no matter how much we ask for forgiveness, we still ‘feel’ unforgivenAnd that is exactly what it is, a ‘feeling’, an emotion, a vague idea that is easily swayed. One that says we are not worthy unless we have worked for it. That is a religious and self righteous state of mind. No wonder, you are finding it hard to forgive yourself. You are still waiting to have worked out your right to forgiveness. While God looks at you with a burning desire saying ‘ the blood has paid the price, so be covered in the blood of the Lamb’. He has washed you in his blood, don’t go and rub yourself in dirt again. The bible shares a double minded person is unstable in all their ways. Not some or a few, but all their ways.

Another way of forgiving yourself is saying to your self, I apologise for doing this. I am sorry you have been hurt, I didn’t mean for this to happen. Why because forgiving means you are letting go of any wrong doing, done against YOU, but now this is you facing you and no one else. You no longer want to play the blame game, you own up to your wrong and say ‘I will not be doing that again’ , because I see the pain caused.

DECLARE: I am forgiven, God has forgiven me and I forgive myself

So this is where I am headed, forgive you for doing you wrong. Forgive yourself for the times you slipped up. While you do so, remember that there is a lesson to learn that you are to now practise when you face the situation again. There is no point of forgiving yourself to remove guilt then  go back and do the same thing again. The bible shares in Proverbs that a dog goes back to its vomit. This is the same as returning back to the very thing you know God has forgiven you for.

As a dog returns to its vomit, so fools repeat their folly. Proverbs 26:11

The bible also shares a fool says in his heart there is no God. See how the two are linked. The same one that says there is no God, returns back to his vomit/folly. To say there is no God is you saying, God cant see me so I can do what I want, God hasn’t proven himself to be God to me so ‘whatever’. Remember, sometimes our actions reflect our belief. Do you really believe God is God, do you believe he has shown himself to you, do you believe he is with you everywhere you go? And we are not talking about when you travel or think you are in danger then God is with you. I’m talking about being with you 24/7 , when no one is there and when it is you and another. Lets get real, wanting God around when it pleases us doesn’t stop him being there all the time. Awake to the truth, he is everywhere. The thing that stops you repeat that folly, is consciously knowing he is with you all the time, and  doing the sin again and again only makes things more complicated. No one should be above God and his plans for you.


Father, I thank you for your mercy. Have mercy on me and wash me with your blood. I give to you my mistakes and past (name them). I ask that you forgive me of (name them). And help me to forgive my self of (name them). I do not want to continue in (name them). Free me from these entangled feelings, emotions and desires. Help me to know that you are here, with me everyday. I live for you and want to do exploits in your name, because you have a great plan me. I pull down everything that exalts itself above your knowledge in my life and I receive the grace to walk in your freedom and your glory. In Jesus name. AMEN



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