Overcoming Lust:Single & Waiting Part II

Lets go a little deeper. We shared in Single & Waiting that we most take this season of single-hood as a time to be healed, restored, renewed while living for God and not others. You may be single and struggling with a lustful desire. So we are going to be as real as can be with our Father. He wants you to live in complete freedom without being a slave to sin. So lets talk. Is having a lustful desire sin? Is desiring it without doing it a sin? What are these lustful desires we are talking about?

LUST: sexual appetite, sexual longing, sexual crave, sexual want 

Yes we are going to face them, face to face. The word of God shares with us that when a single person is having sex this is Fornication. If a married or single person looks lustfully after someone in their heart, they have committed Adultery.

21st Century lies

Some may say this is the 21st century and it doesn’t matter, but yes it does matter firstly  because by these acts many are in emotional/spiritual bondage, some ladies can’t stop thinking of the person they did it with their mind is now stayed on him and not God, some want to marry because of sex, some don’t want to marry because they are happy to do things without any long life commitment and some can’t find someone because they are trapped in other peoples mess. Secondly this is a new age system, not to scare you, but the one our Father advises us to avoid having on our heads, yes 666 meaning carnal life, not the Zoe life Jesus came to give. this is a system that makes people live for now, satisfying the flesh and without God, I’m not going into that now but just highlighting that Gods word is truth and sets free. Its not about 21st century doctrines but about being FREE in your mind, emotions, spirit and life.

Name it

For you to overcome fornication, adultery, masturbation and lusting after a man in the heart you first have to admit that this is something you want to stop. You won’t be able to stop it while you have an appetite for it. Lets be honest here… if its something you enjoy doing, its because this satisfies you in a way that you don’t understand, you may not even know the area your covering up for this to be your comfort. All you can say is ‘its enjoyable’, when bored,the only thought or longing pleasure. Now this has become stronger overtime and now is a stronghold, its not moving for noone, you cant stop yourself from ……

This is the time to repent, give this to the Lord Jesus truthfully, give Him the desire you have for it. God already knows your weakness but wants you to share it with him so he can empower you to overcome. You cant win if you protect it. Think about your Father in Heaven first not just about you and your needs, is this what he enjoys you doing, is he able to say ‘ My child who I am well pleased in’? He first loved you even before your parents, he gave you his best and he wants you to give ourselves to him.

The main attraction…

That man is like a brother to you, there is no need allowing someones flirtatious words put you on your back or make you feel funny. Think about it, that moment is just want it is, a moment. Then later damages a precious soul, the word of God shares ‘flee youthful lust’.  flee: run away from it, you see it, feel it, hear it, run like your life depends on it. youthful: starts when young, wanting to experience what we are not mature enough to handle. Don’t become a prey to someones weakness, he is also fighting lust, you should encourage him to stop and allow  yourselves live in freedom. Yes indeed his handsome and tall .. because your Father made him beautifully and wonderfully. Handsome and you weren’t made to use each other or experiment while using the worlds protection. the lies of what if I’m not good when I or we marry is a lie form the pit of hell. Really? That is what we call communication.There no such thing as being experienced only an ‘experienced user’.


Really… people still use this word. Yes we do and I’m one of them. So you may have had sex in the past even into the new year. Abstaining from sex or sexual four play means your keeping yourself pure. Your mind and body are holy unto the Lord. Like Queen Esther before she was queen had to go through the cleansing process to be ready for the King to choose her. With Esther it was that her mind was also pure not just the body. She wasn’t after her own needs and I believe the King saw this in her. There is a King of Kings who has a king for you who will treat you as the queen you are. It all starts from a pure heart. If he loves you he will let you keep yourself for him.

You have dominion

Having dominion is a powerful weapon which the enemy seeks to take from you. He knows God has given you freewill to choose life or death and he will always be around you to tempt you to do something that will lead you to be caged. Its a fight indeed. Having conversations with lusts is like when Eve was in the garden, I believe that wasn’t the first time they had a discussion because she wasn’t surprised he was around. He gained ground so that he could get her to do want he wanted to lose her Freedom. These conversations will come like a thought, opinion and a image to feed the appetite.  But we have power in the name of Jesus, don’t entertain lust, don’t feed this appetite any more, its 2017, enough is enough, for how long will you go on playing with the blood of Jesus. Its time to crucify the flesh, live dying to the carnal man/mind everyday, You have the Grace and the help of the Holy Spirit. Receive His help today and become a testimony and a voice in His Kingdom.

In the name of Jesus 

In the name of Jesus I surrender fornication, masturbation, lustful thinking, lustful desires at the cross of my Saviour Jesus Christ. His blood has washed my sins and wrongs, today as I pray I wash myself with the blood of the Lamb. (Name them) has no more dominion over me. My desire is to be holy as my Father is Holy. My desire is to seek His Kingdom first. I am free because Jesus has made me free. I am free from these desires in Jesus name. Holy Spirit fill me afresh, give me strength and help me. More of your fire Lord to burn for you. In Jesus name.AMEN

Scripture readings

Matthew 5:28 Lusting in the heart

2 Timothy 2:22 Flee youthful lusts

1 Corinthians 6:13 Body is the Lords

Galatians 5:16 Walk by the Spirit

James 1:14-15 How lust begins


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