I’m Single and waiting…

So, this year is going to be great right? plans are in place,goals are written down, prayer requests are ALL carved into paper, God is going to do great things…Praise God

You then get an invite for a wedding that reflects something from your prayer request. You cant seem to shack it off… your happy and sad all at the same time. You go back to your prayer requests just to hold on in faith.  Now the beginning of the year seems different from 2 days ago and all you keep hearing is ‘SINGLE, SINGLE!!’,your happy about this and then your sad about it.Your emotions  are all over the place,then you find yourself in your secret place… on your knees.

God is still going to do great things

Being single is something you’ve been praying about while waiting on God for Mr right. You don’t mind being single because the ‘Christian men’ you have dated before have been more of an obstacle than a stepping stone. An obstacle because they have wanted things from you or wanted you to do things you knew was not Godly, but at times you did it anyway. You felt further away from God rather than closer, now you cant stop thinking about it.

We have a merciful Father who knows our heart and desires we ask for forgiveness and walk in his love, grace and power to overcome. We thank God for repentance and forgiveness which is yours in Christ Jesus. You said ‘no more’ because you believed God didn’t say he was ‘the one’, but now here you are still having mix feelings about being single.

My beautiful sister, it may be a waiting game but the only man that needs your whole heart and full attention now is Jesus Christ, he died for you and his blood was shed for you to overcome, be healed, restored and renewed.


Now we ask,does being single mean I’m just meant to wait for Mr Right? Not at all. Its like waiting at the bus stop for the bus in a new location and there is no timetable &  you don’t even know the company bus name to google the timetable…imagine. I think that is the worst, the frustration is real. Its worst because you don’t know where your going to even ask for help,so you don’t know if your on the wrong side of the road, you have a heavy bag that you are carrying around with you.

So lets talk about this waiting time if you want to call it that…

Its all about who has your heart… does your ex have it, your best friend, your family, your colleagues.  Who has your heart? Who do you live for? ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS


GIVE OVER ALL – desire for attention, longing to be loved/liked,the pain, emotions, disappointments, rejections, let downs, hurts from past relationships. We can go on. but the main thing is you don’t have to keep this all to yourself, approach the throne of grace and lay it AT Gods feet, stay at his feet if you need to, lay down the burdens knowing that when you rise, you rise a new woman in Christ.

Continue this year strong knowing that being single is a time to be healed, restored and renewed through prayer and reading of the word of God.

A time to rediscover your identity in Christ and purpose,because if your waiting for ‘the one’ you both have to fit each others purpose on the earth or it will be pointless.

Who are you? Who does God say you are? What has he said you should do?  Are you where he wants you to be? This is the time to be so close to your Heavenly Father who formed you from your mothers womb. Your prayer must be on His word and not on your emotions, thats why it may be easy for some to be easily moved when they hear someone is settling down.


SING-le ,sing in this season, you may say I don’t know how to, but I’m not talking about your vocals, I’m talking about being yourself in God, he has written your journey of life that is a sweet melody in his ears. when we talk about singing it is putting words together that give a rhythm. I believe God wants us enjoying this season of our life, really allowing yourself to follow his rhythm, no one else’s, not pressures of the world, family or friends or even yourself.

Most women in the bible where spotted by their husbands while working. Rebekah drew water at her fathers well. Rachel was a Shepherdess, Ruth was a farmer, Esther was living out her Destiny and you can search more out. I mean they were bold and confident being single till it was their time to settle down. They were busy doing their fathers work. Get busy in your Heavenly Fathers work in his kingdom you are qualified because the blood of the lamb was shed for you.

That is why it is important you know your identity, get busy in being who God called you to be  and leave the rest to him. When the enemy wants to remind you of your shortfalls, rebuke him because the blood has paid the price for you. Stop looking at your singles watch and embrace Gods heart for you. Its bigger and better than you can imagine. His thoughts are higher than your thoughts. Enjoy this season and sing.


*Lay your all at the throne of God in prayer

  • Walk with the Holy Spirit
  • Open up to God
  • Take Gods words as your words
  • Journal this season
  • Speak Gods words over your life and future


Remember you are the Apple of Gods eyes, He knows your name and has you in the palm of his hands.











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