When Mothers Prophesy

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It’s been on my heart for awhile, and while we are busy working,  making, travelling and whatever else we do. Our children come first, we ponder on our experiences and desire that they have greater ones, we feel the pains and scares and want them to be whole. Imagining the future, the paths they will take to reach them… Our heart’s are always for them.

Yet, with all our thoughts, lets continue in the words of our Father in Heaven. This will stir us up to see their future as God sees it, speaking and prophesying the unseen. We understand prophecy to be the wordings released from the throne of God and not from the will of man.  Being a mother entails more sensitivity to the Spirit of God and not being sensitive to our hurts, past or goals.

Our hearts are always for them…

We must begin to prophecy the word of God to our children. Let them know what we are saying about them. They are times we address them, get their attention and speak. We must not only stay in our rooms when their not there, communicate directly to them. If you have younger kids, toddlers and older for example. Make them say amen or even get them to repeat it in their cute language. Note it down too. I’m a great believer of noting things to pass on to our children. If the people of Israel were able to pass on the scriptures and wonders of God to their children, how much us.
Many young people today seem unsure of themselves or where their going. I believe the lack of proclamation & prophecy spoken directly to them in agreement while in their adolescence and older is part of it.mother

Mothers Prophesy. Proverbs 31

Proverb 31..The Mother prophesied to her son, whom had her attention and he was in agreement with her. One may ask, why did she need to prophesy, she could have prayed. There is a big difference.  Prayer is a desire that is to be granted. Prophecy is releasing the unseen, to be seen while causing the purpose of God to be made manifest. Proverbs 31:1 starts by saying ‘The words of King Lemuel’, wow, the prophecy of his mother became his words too, the prophecy was taught to him. His mother instructed him with these words through out the whole chapter. The bible tells us to train up our child in the way they should go, we train with our words also. The words of King Lemuel’s mother was not just correction but instruction, which till today plays a major part in a Christian woman’s life and the church. We now learn that our words take part in training them up and it will become their words in the future.

So, I encourage you Mother, prophesy to your child/ren. Their future is great, lets keep speaking it into existence.

Let our children’s mouth of honour and greatness, not be full of despair or confusion .

More grace to us Mothers


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