Journal your Motherhood

This one is for the Mothers ….

Young woman sitting at home with pen and paper
Portrait of a young woman sitting at home with pen and paper

Do you sometimes think ‘ I would like to see how my parenting skills has changed in a few months/ years time.’?

Then I encourage you to Journal your Motherhood.

Journal those challenges ,struggles, abilities, skills, tasks etc. that you are facing, while reviewing areas you aspire to handle differently. Whether that is communication, cleaning, laundry, cooking, fitness the list goes on and on. And can even grow longer if we don’t stop to see that ‘actually, I am improving…I’m not in the same spot 2 years ago’.

Its mainly the little things that frustrate you as a mother. From not planning your laundry routine /day accurately which then leads to three loads of washing to get done within a can be frustrating.

We all strive to be the best mother to our children and we truly are the best!!

I believe that as we journal what we struggle with and what we strive to do differently,  there is room to acknowledge how far we have come 3months -1 year down the line.
You are forever changing and becoming the best mum you can be, its about time you notice the difference too. This doesn’t have to be day by day writings, but mainly those things that stick out in your mind, that at times make you feel ‘huuh’.

Journal those dreams and goals that you need to give some time to while the children grow up. Nursery days are very different from school days, writing your visions down will keep you refocused when that shift of season happens.


A wise woman builds her house…Proverbs 14:1

SO JOURNAL..JOURNAL..JOURNAL…….. and Build your home with your strengthens, don’t dwell in your weakness, give them to the Lord and he will keep giving grace and wisdom. It is the way forward to keeping you encouraged knowing that you are the Best Mother your child/ren can have.

Best thing it becomes a Keepsake which daught

ers or daughter in-laws can see.

All the best in your Motherhood



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