Maturing in March


We are all happy to go into a new month, usually because a trip planned for the month is round the corner, a project is about to start, new contacts to meet up with and even better new treasures to be found within us.

Yes… in this new month you may find a new treasure within you, you may brush most of that dirt off the treasure you found last month or even now know where to put this treasure. The treasure can be a gift, a plan, a dream, a venture, anything that stands out to you.

In this month of March, you have to be ready to change a lot to use your gifts, put plans to work, get goals set, this will take time, but as long as your willing to do a new thing, you have this month to begin the journey of change.


Change your surroundings (lifestlye&interior), change who influences you, change how you see people, change how you see your home town, change how you see yourself, change how you see your past. All this is needed to see yourself useful in your tomorrow. It is needed to be as a new skin carrying new wine.

The bible tells us that new wine must go into new skin (Mark 2:22). Why?

New wine ferments, it expands, so the new skin prepared for it is also able to expand with it, for somebody’s use.

Take the opportunity every month, be made new by the word of God to carry the new treasures in you that will be used.  If a new wine is in an old skin it will spill. You don’t want them goals, plans and gifts spilling now…

For it to spill out, means it will not be used, be wasted and not matured. If this has been your past, it no longer has to be that why anymore. Start today, by recognising your understanding and approach must be new, to carry the new in YOU.

As new wine matures, you also. Everything, character, skills, study, prayer, plans etc. Mature daily in this month of March.

BUT remember gifts and treasures can not be found on your own, God has deposited in you, only Him can draw it for you to recognise it. It would be nice to hear your March journey!!

Looking forward to your new change & treasures this month, feel free to comment.



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