What to do while you wait for change.

Collage 2015-12-22 23_23_121kings 18:41-45 reading.

Don’t give up… wait for the release.

We wait on things to change all the time, even waiting on God’s promise to be fulfilled in our situations.  I’m reminded of the word given to Elijah when the land was dry and he said ‘I hear the sound of rain’.  Elijah went on the mountain and prayed , sending his servant to go look if the sign of rain was present. It took 7 times for the servant to check if any sign was present. Now, on the 7th time a small cloud the size of a hand came up from the sea.

7 times. We understand 7 to be ‘perfection’. In hebrew it also means ‘time’, so there is a ‘time’ for the release of something, though we hear the word of God/promise of it, we should keep praying which is us looking out for the release. Bear in mind, that just as the small cloud appeared first before filling the whole land with rain, so our change can start small before getting large in one/all situations.

What have you heared/seen from God about your life/home/family/vision?  Remember that Elijah also thought after hearing the sound of rain and praying that the rain will start. But God knows when and the way the rain will come, so always be on the look out in prayerand action.

-So be encouraged don’t be upset with yourself and God.

-Keep in prayer for this is how you look out for the release.

-Praise God for his wonderful works and vision in your life.

Be enriched in Jesus name.









2 responses to “What to do while you wait for change.”

  1. Powerful and encouraging. May your anointing never runs dry IJN!


    1. Amen.. Thank you x


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