Got a lot in the pipeline?

Got a lot of things in the pipeline. …???

Doing this, as that and the other to yield fruit and live your dreams?

Don’t stop…keep it up.

Your action on the word of God in your life the good ground that will bear hundredfold, sixty, thirty.(Matthew 13:23)

The reason the word of the Kingdom needs a good ground to grow in is because God is able to be in charge (He has a way for things to grow). Notice that for a seed to grow it must die, hence die to self and live unto God. God causes the rain to fall, seed roots are securing themselves, we stand our ground in Christ. The Sun shines and the seed grows, we grow.

So what am I saying, well the actions of crucial things brings growth, Everything you are obeying God in is soil, rain, and Sun to your dream that will spring forth.

Many things are in the pipeline that you’re pushing for because a day will come when one by one the plans will be a fruit others can eat from.

If you have to act alone, for now, do so because God is always with you.

Keep on doing, for it will pay off.


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