ABBA Father calls you…RESPOND

What is your name?


Yes, what is your name?

What name did Abba Father call you?

Do you know it, searched it out in His word?

You call him Daddddyyyyy, Jehovahhhh.He responds.

He calls you …………. Do you respond.

Our response is us accepting how he  identities us. In our response we walk out that identify in all areas of our lives and not just when we are in need. That is having  two personalities…. I won’t go into that

Let our spirit, soul and body respond to the name our heavenly father called us to be from the foundation of the world and our lives will be CHANGED.

Your name maybe one of the 5 fold ministries(Apostle,Prophet,Evangelist, Teacher,Pastor ), priest, warrior, mother, father, psalmist. The list goes on, my point is we should respond in our YES, study of the word, prayer and walking with the Holy Spirit.


Genesis 28:19 says  “And he called  the place Bethel, but….was Lux first.”

I see it as Luz being our flesh and Bethel being our Newman. We first lived by a carnal man because we didn’t  know any better BUT when we MET Jesus we were Born again and ABBA Father gave us a name after himself. Like we do as parents to our newborn child.

To be soaked in name is though speaking it over n over till all of you gets it…

After responding there is a dialogue, a dialogue enabling His plans coming to fruition.  About what He knows and what you  don’t,  what He has planned and what you need direction in. And it keeps  on going….

Daniel 9:19 “we are called by His name”

‘Bethel’ was given because  of the encounter with the Most High. God being Spirit  made a heavenly connection with the earth, turning  the earth to respond to Him (Spirit ), causing the new name to be the  function of that place.

It’s no longer enough to say I know what the bible says about me BUT RESPOND AND PRESS TOWARDS THE HIGH CALLING IN CHRIST JESUS.

All God names is a reflection of Himself, we have the grace  to respond to the great name he calls us, seeing the reflection in our lifestyle and community.


The kingdom of Heaven responds to its own.



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