Golden words…’Speakable’

I love this Jewellery artist. What creativity, Her pieces are made of 18karat gold, they are simple in style but carry strong words to encourage you and others while they look at you.


Her brand is called ‘Speakable’… it says it all, the great thing is you can get personalized words that reflect your heart or God’s word to you.


The word of God says that what we think in our heart’s about ourselves is who we are, if we have thought negatively we can renew our thoughts and have words of life and peace instead. 

We can boldly say with style warriorI’m a ‘Warrior’.


I live in Christs ‘Freedom’ and ‘Peace’.

I will ‘be still’ and listen, more online…

Speakable posts worldwide so we in the U.K can get ordering….hurray.

Check her out on Facebook or online


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