Alive & Moving not Alive & Sleeping…trust the Holy Spirit

God put this in my spirit, and I would like to share it.

What is it exactly? You may ask..well it’s about trusting the leading of the Holy Spirit. The bible tells us that the Holy Spirit was given to us as a seal (Ephesians 1:13) one that leads us (John 16:13) into the things of the kingdom of Heaven. Many Christians don’t really like talking about following the lead of the Holy Spirit or even trusting Him to lead. Why is this? Many have had bad experiences with ‘spiritual’ things, which have had nothing to do with the Spirit of the Most High. This has left some in spiritual coma, alive in Christ through confession of faith but sleeping in their spirit, they have not let the Holy Spirit of God breath into them to be awake and in action to what He has gifted them in/living as the Kingdom of God.  The trust to say ‘this is what God is saying to me/instructing me through His word directly’ not just what one has heard. Knowing that if He is who He says He is in your life and to you, it will come to pass.


Some may say what if it doesn’t happen, then know you have the authority to bind every voice that speaks confusion to you because God is not a God of confusion. And ask God for clarity because He said in His word that we will hear a voice telling us which way to go (Isaiah 30:21).

For others it is the fear of the unknown and wanting to know the details before taking a step. Or the step has to be in the bible and not an inspired thought from God, as though he do not create the world we are living in or speak these things into existence before he inspired men to testify of Jesus Christ.  Also remember our Father Abraham, who was promised many children ‘like the stars in the sky’ so know that God can speak to us via the things he spoke into existence. Even some may say I don’t want to follow fully so I don’t be like ‘a’, picking out bad examples of a christian they know etc.

BUT I believe God is calling all out of spiritual coma and saying receive my Spirit, my breath again in your spirit man to keep walking in my Kingdom. 

Remember scripture tells us no eyes have seen, no ears have heard nor has it entered the hearts of man what God has for you, which we can only receive as we follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Isn’t it funny how the middle letter in TRUST is ‘U’… so it is you taking the step and you are giving yourself away to another.


Who can say they have seen the ‘map’ per say of the Kingdom of Heaven, so knows how to journey on their own understandings and experiences. Even in the UK we need a Sat nav to travel to places we have heard of but never been to ourselves. I’m not say the Holy Spirit is a Sat nav, but you get what I’m saying, He has the map of the Kingdom of Heaven that we need to walk in and bring here on the earth, so let’s fully TRUST Him more.

How do I begin, you may ask, read the scriptures and pray, pray also that they be written in your heart because the Holy Spirit moves with the scriptures, since He did give men the words to write it. 


Thank you Lord, for the grace and will to trust the leading of your Spirit in our lives. Breath afresh in our spirit that we may be alive and moving not just alive and sleeping. Free those who have had bad experiences with trusting you wholeheartedly in Jesus name. Amen

Thank you Holy Spirit because you are my promise with who I walk in the things of kingdom pf Heaven in without fear.

Breakout praise…..

Love ya



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