Push to destiny… Press through pressure

In life we are always aspiring to go to the next level, no matter the situation, vision or goal it’s built in us to keep moving forward.  Remember the verse from Matthew 13:12… “the kingdom suffereth violence and the violence take it by force” . Hold on to it. Here is a way the Lord explained to me.

If you have been on an aeroplane you would agree with me… when the plane lefts from the ground and is soaring up in the heavens before it gets to the cruising altitude, there is pressure felt. This pressure feels heavy on me and all I do is press back in my seat…I dont freak out and shout ‘what’s happening!’ because I know the plane is going up and the seat belt sign is still on..so I and everyone else holds their peace till the seat belt sign is off.. now the plane is cruising in its correct altitude and everyone goes about their business, getting as comfortable as they can. 

I’ve said a lot so why Matthew 11:12.?  You may ask, it talks about a pressure/force one needs to have to obtain the benefits of the Kingdom of Heaven, to move higher and to overcome every hard thing that comes around when your pushing to be who God created you to be.

I remember God saying that the pressure felt in the plane is also like pressure one feels on their salvation when one is changing, pushing to be who God created them to be. Sometimes the pressure is not there to shut you down but is a block to the next level, and we must push through, by praying, studying the word of God, fellowship with like minded brethren.

Just like the plane flying up, I could feel when it had changed altitudes each time after the pressure, but kept in my seat. So we should keep in the presence of God, seat at His feet till we see/live in the higher level’s He has called us to because that tough thing will pass.

Lord Jesus, thank you for always calling us higher in you. May your grace see us through as we go through every pressure that may come our way before reaching a new level/place. In Jesus name.amen.

Your blessed


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