Know your season..Embrace your season’s

Hey people,

To be honest, my spirit has been toiling through a lot. So I’ll leave this with you..’know your season..’


I loovvee the body of Christ so much, and I’ve had a lot of dealings with people and still am till today. People are very blesseddd..Lol there are people who do or say things that can rub you up the wrong way, so it’s important to know your season/understand where and who you are/know when to get a new mindset and change.

Embrace your season’s with all your might. Don’t let it pass by till you see the good fruits.

Know the new things God wants to do in you and through you, embrace it no matter what. If it seems too different from what your used to, grab it with all your might and conquer because that’s where your uniqueness will shine forth.

Let God tell you where you are today and what to do to keep birthing forth good fruit. Living not to satisfy man but living to satisfy The God in you (Jesus Christ, our hope of glory).Because no matter what you can’t please man, yet we can please God in our obidence.

Lord Jesus, I pray for every season may greater grace be on us to go through and be molded afresh in them. In Jesus name.amen

Your blessed



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