Jeremiah 29:11..His thoughts are my thoughts

Gods thoughts are of good/peace and not of evil towords us (Jeremiah 29:11), so why do we take it upon ourselves to have thoughts that are evil towards our self?? One may say,’I don’t think evil towards my self, I don’t think to do myself harm..etc.

But if we look at what evil thoughts are, we will find that its not about killing physically but killing your identity,soul and spirit?  It involves ones opinion of themselves to be of unhappiness, giving pain, of misery.

If situations of life have caused us to have evil thoughts about ourselves,we must cry out to Jesus to heal us, help us and to give us His thoughts regarding those things, then our soul will be restored and we can think on His thoughts that are of peace.

Stop beating yourself up over things.

Stop wanting peoples approval.

Stop thinking you are not good enough.

Stop thinking you do not have something unique.

Stop waiting on others and wait on Jehovah, your Lord.

Walk in God’s grace and strength given to you by the Holy Spirit.

“My thoughts are of good and of peace, because that’s what God’s thoughts are, of Me”

God says in His word that His thoughts are of PEACE towards us, thoughts that enables  our soul and spirit to be calm, happy, stable. While our identity stands strong and secure in Him alone.

Remember ‘thoughts’ are ‘words’ made into a statement or reasoning. God wants us to have His thought pattern when seeing and handling things so we can be expectant of greater things.

How you think of yourself will reflect how you think of others and your approach to life… 

Think well…

Remember Jesus said , His peace (words/presence) he leaves with us not the world’s peace.

The world’s peace still brings misery,unhappiness after awhile. So having the world’s thought pattern after you have given your life to Jesus only results in having thoughts of evil (unhappiness will come after awhile). Be cleaned with the word of God (bible) to obtain God’s thoughts/words of YOU, that give everlasting peace and security in Him. Pushing you to approach life well,giving it your best.

Then we can walk in love and forgiveness with all. 

When those evil thoughts what to grab hold of you,shake it off and put on His thoughts.

“You are mine, you are not alone.”

“You are Beloved, not rejected.”

“You can do all things through Christ that strengthens you, you are not weak.”

A great way to help you search the scriptures to know more of His thoughts is to use a concordance(book with words linked to scriptures). Also ask the Holy Spirit to minister His word directly to your heart.

And then we can say boldly ‘His thoughts are of peace towards me and I hold onto them’.

God bless you real good.


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