Prophecy, heart of the Bridegroom to His Bride


I believe prophecy is like the heart of the Bridegroom (Jesus) to His Bride (you/me) saying can you get this done for me…, this is my surprise for you…, this is what I have in store for our future, can this area be changed so this can get done etc. His openly testifying about himself in different ways to us, for now and tomorrow. So basically talking to us about things we didn’t know so we can get to know, rather than one having a heart of I don’t want to listen unless your blessing me…well I must say, hearing everything God has to say is a great

If the only prophecy one desires to hear is that of ‘God’s blessing is on its way….’, and one does not hear the other side of prophecy that forms us/ molds us to the image of Christ our Bridegroom who awaits us the Bride, we must check the spirit. Because the scripture can not lie when it says ‘..for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.Rev 19:10’. That which testifies of Him to our being, our soul, our spirit and our body. That we, being a witness can shout out  about His saving power.

Lets be a Bride who is always willing to hear what he has to say in all things that will bless us and mold us to His image.

God bless you real good.



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